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(Last updated in 2017.)

A system which objectively measures behavioral data utilizing wearable sensors and users’ interactions with their electronic devices, simplifies self-reporting subjective measures, and makes it easy for the user to run micro-experiments based on behavioral data.
An unobtrusive system that adapts brightness of the screen to the user’s breathing rate.
Kind and grateful
A novel system leveraging smartphones to naturally embed gratitude inspiration in everyday life which utilizes smartphone sensor data to infer optimal moments for stimulating contextually relevant thankfulness and appreciation.
hierarchical iHMM
A simple hierarchical infinite HMM (iHMM) model, an extension to (iHMM) with efficient inference scheme. The model can capture dynamics of a sequence in two timescales and does not suffer from the problems of other related models in terms of implementation and time complexity.
Predicting students' wellbeing
Applying feature extraction and machine learning techniques to predict self-reported happiness from physiology, phone, mobility, and behavioral data.
ESM for biomarkers of depression
Developing experience sampling mobile surveys to be used along with other measures for finding biomarkers and depression.
smart de-stress monitor
Comparing alternative feedback types and interventions and their effectiveness on de-stressing.
Dr. Tick
An android application for measuring heart rate and respiration rate from finger tip and keeping history of the measurements.
Community Interface of HealthyTogeth
HealthyTogether is and Android application, originally designed in EPFL HCI lab. This app is aimed to help promoting a healthy lifestyle.  It encourages people to take more steps and keep healthy by simple daily activities.   Self-monitoring,  competition,  cooperation,  and rewarding are embedded in HealthyTogether. I added the two new features of goal-setting and community awareness and studied their influence on users.
Applied Persuasion Technologies
This project included running a carefully designed user-study on top of a wellness promotion survey which was launched on Amazon Mechanical Turk.  This study was designed to find out patterns between wellness promotion activities and persuasion message types with respect to several variables like gender and geography.  I participated in data analysis part.  The final novel results shed light on our future work in terms of wellness promotion technology design.
Predicting CAD and normal patients
This work is valuable both academically and industrially‎. ‎Not only academic innovations in selecting relevant features and new data mining algorithms‎, ‎but also reduction in costs and complications for patients‎, ‎make this project a valuable work in the world of medical computation‎.
I ‎am currently ‎a member of interaction design and implementation of FountFair. ‎To the best of our knowledge,  ‎this kind of interaction has never been conducted in any of water features around the world. ‎The experience of playing a musical fountain appears here for the first time. ‎All people can choose their favorite music and play it on a fountain only using a simple application on their cell phone.
TrashCatch is an intelligent trash can that detects objects heading toward him and opens his mouth in the proper time to eat the corresponding trash!‎
Interaction design and implementation of MagicDox website for sharing ‎documents included conducting user interviews, creating persona and key-path scenarios, ‎developing low and high-fidelity prototypes, ‎and evaluating via heuristic and usability testing methods.Here you can see the prototype.
Alternative prototype for education
Several students were studied and after requirement analysis and need finding, a new portal was designed for SUT education. The main outcome of this project was solving a problem with HCI methods, step by step.
Rabbit-fox game
This game is written in java.
    Rabbit-Fox is simple and fun. Help button explains rules of the game and settings can be changed through options button.
Checkers-like game
This game is written in C++.
    The rules are quite the same as the famous "Checkers" but with slight differences. Some heuristic algorithms and Min-Max are used for computer player. The graphical part is implemented using CLR.
Worms-like game
This game is written in java.
    The rules of the game are quite like the famous "Worms World Party" but with slight differences.
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Checkers-like game

This game is written in C++.     The rules are quite the same as the famous "Checkers" but with slight differences. Some heuristic algorithms and Min-Max are used for computer player. The graphical part is implemented using CLR.